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Why Rent?

Renting is the most cost-effective way to acquire a piece of equipment without incurring all the hidden costs that are attached to the purchase of equipment.  More and more organizations are switching to renting because of these benefits.  Why don't you try the Rental Option?

The benefits of renting versus owning equipment include:

• Renting is in line with the worldwide trend toward outsourcing, allowing your department's resources to be dedicated to core activities
• Rentals free up cash tied up in owning hard assets, converting fixed costs into variable costs
• Rental means that we look after the storage of the equipment
• 24-hour technical back-up is guaranteed in most locations 
• Rentals give you access to the widest range and most up-to-date technology
• Renting allows you to limit your costs to the duration of any given project
• Rentals allows you to meet unexpected changes in project requirements
• Rentals ensure expertise in the selection of the rented equipment
• Renting equipment for a remote project is cheaper than shipping in your own equipment
• Rentals allow better debt-to-equity ratios
• Rental ensures that no money is tied up in equipment not being used

Additional JJE Rental Benefits

Accessible Technical Support - We employ Factory Trained Technicians, with someone always available to you for telephone troubleshooting and assistance.  You can count on reaching a JJE Rentals Technician when you need to.

Real People Answer The Phone - We know that when you're ready to rent or have a question, you want to talk to someone now, not listen to a recorded attendant with fourteen touch-tone options. That's why we answer the phone in person.

Units When And Where You Want Them - Availability, availability, availability.  We maintain an extensive inventory of low hour units.  We ship anywhere within North America and can provide for local pickup and delivery often on same day of your enquiry.

Renting Is What We Do - We focus our personnel and resources on the requirements of the customer who wants to rent.  When you rent from JJE Rentals, you are assured of up-to-date, reliable technology, out-of-the-factory performance and an inventory that's been carefully selected and maintained.

Smart People To Talk To - Our representatives are not order takers - they are some of the most technically savvy people in the industry.  They understand not only what our units are supposed to do, but how and why they work in the real world.  We offer a variety of units to ensure you can select the right truck for your application.

Everything Ships Ready To Operate - Every unit in our inventory is meticulously maintained and then performance checked before we send it to you.  We pay attention to the details, because isn't it nice when every accessory that's supposed to be there, really is? 

Multiple Branch Locations – With eight locations across Canada and New York, along with one of the largest dealer supported networks across North America, you have the comfort of knowing that an industry leading company is your rental support partner.