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Madvac LP61

Clean hard-to-reach areas quickly with the amazing portable Madvac LP61 vacuum litter collector.  It fits on a pickup truck or tow behind, removes windblown trash from landfill fence lines, parking lots and parks with up to 40 foot hose.

•  One Madvac LP61 does the work of 4 or 5 manual pickers
•  120 Gallon debris capacity into 80 gallon container
•  Approximately 2:1 self compacting vacuum system
•  Up to 40 foot hose and optional vacuum hose arm gives you the reach you need and the hard to reach areas
•  The Madvac 61 fits on a pickup truck or hitches as a trailer
•  Choice of  5” or  8” Diameter hose

Madvac Sweepers 61

Download the Madvac LP61 Brochure Here.

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