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Elgin Crosswind NX

The Elgin Crosswind NX is a high-performance regenerative air sweeper for use in environmentally sensitive sweeping. The new machine includes all the performance, maintenance and design features of the Elgin Crosswind sweeper, which has been popular with users worldwide for more than 20 years. Equipped with the patented NX filtration technology introduced on Guzzler industrial vacuum loaders, the Crosswind NX is ideal for efficient capture and removal of fine dust particles.

The Elgin Crosswind NX functions like a standard Elgin Crosswind for picking up debris, but unlike the standard Crosswind, a significant portion of the air flowing through the pickup head is diverted off and filtered to remove the dust. This dust is then pumped directly into the hopper, leaving a cleaner airflow to return to the pressure slot.
• The Elgin Crosswind NX is ETV verified with the highest containment ratings for both PM10 and PM2.5 as per the latest City of Toronto protocol
• The filters provide high efficiency filtration and most importantly, eliminate any operator hands on contact for service or inspection
• The patented NX cyclonic filtration process provides true dustless and waterless sweeping capabilities
• 20,000 CFM (Highest vacuum in industry)
• Extra-wide 12-foot sweep path

Download the Elgin Crosswind NX Brochure Here.


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