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Elgin Air Sweepers

The Elgin Whirlwind offers incredible pick-up performance and flexibility that has become a world standard. From the unique extending nozzle to the overall robust construction, the Elgin Whirlwind has been designed and manufactured to the exact standards that have made Elgin the world's leading sweeper manufacturer.

The Elgin Crosswind regenerative air sweeper gives contractors, municipalities and industries a powerful sweeper with unequalled versatility, flexibility and productivity. The Elgin Crosswind re-circulating vacuum sweeper efficiently cleans large flat paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways. Contractors and public works officials alike appreciate the Elgin Crosswind because it is easy to operate and simple to maintain.

The Elgin GeoVac sets the standard for quiet by uniting high performance vacuum sweeping with incredibly low dB(A) in-cab and drive-by noise levels to efficiently and quietly clean streets, parking lots, and construction and industrial sites. The vacuum sweep system concentrates suction power in one localized area - the nozzle. Debris is swept into the nozzle path by a side broom and extension broom located underneath the machine, where it is efficiently lifted up by the suction airflow and deposited in the debris body.