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OMCO tankers and flushers are designed and built to the most rigid specifications in the industry, and yet are the simplest equipment to operate. H400 tankers are available with simple to use mud flusher nozzles that interchange with the front spray heads. This design allows you to attack mud and other debris from a higher point than traditional street flusher nozzles. A sharper attack angle of the high pressure (100 PSI and more) water can keep your project areas clean.
• Hydro-static power system with optional electronic displacement control (EDC)
• Easy to operate with finger tip controls and designed to get the job done while conserving water
• The optional Robo-Flush with continuous rotation and Para-Lift can clean bridge walkways, as well as under parked equipment
• In many cases, the Robo-Flush by itself will perform the majority of your flushing requirements
• OMCO tanks are all elliptical design with 5" dished heads and baffles - eliminating the "oil canning" affect common to flat sided and flat head designs


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