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Trackless MT6 Municipal Tractor

A generation ahead of all others best describes the Trackless Series MT6 Municipal Tractor. State of the art electronics, joystick control, the most advanced drive system available, and inclusion of every possible design feature to satisfy the operator all contribute to achieving maximum productivity.

A simple flip of a switch drastically reduces fuel consumption. While in travel mode, the operator simply drives the tractor exactly like a car, pushing on what appears to be the gas pedal. This controls engine rpm, like it does in a car, but also strokes the hydrostatic transmission making the vehicle move. This avoids the age-old problem of hydrostatic tractors having the engine screaming at high rpm, wasting fuel. Driving the tractor, plowing snow, etc. can all be accomplished while in travel mode.
• The front and rear axles have limited slip differentials which provide excellent traction under normal circumstances
• The Trackless joystick was carefully designed to give the operator very smooth control over all the various Trackless attachments
• The main powertrain components consist of a 115 HP Cummins diesel, Sauer Danfoss hydrostatic system, Dana axles and Twin Disc PTO clutch
• The MT6 engine compartment has excellent access for daily checks by way of four hinged side doors and a hinged top hood
• Use the drop menu on the left for more information on all the snow removal attachments, or go to the 
Trackless Mowers page for additional attachments


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