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Epoke Towed Spreader

All of Epoke's Towed Spreaders benefit from the Epoke Principle that delivers unparalleled coverage and material savings. A measured dispersion provides even coverage and protects the surrounding environment from damage. Maintaining pathways, parking lots and roads - Epoke towed spreaders offer controlled coverage from less than three feet to over eight feet wide.
• The variety in capacities and drive systems guarantees a spreader to meet your needs
• Compact to full-size, they easily hook up to any vehicle and are powered by: ground speed (towed); hydraulics or PTO for 3-point mounted models
• You can rely on even coverage and no waste with the ground-speed related feature standard on all Epoke Towed Spreaders
• The Agitator and the Feed Roller are key components in having consistent flow of pre-treated or moist material
• The Agitator prevents material bridging and crushes large lumps ensuring accurate material supply

Download the Epoke Towed Spreader Brochure Here.

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