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Epoke TKB12-280 Spreader

The Epoke TKB12-280 Spreader is the professional tow-behind spreader for environmentally friendly winter road service. It spreads as little as possible, but as much as required. The construction of the Epoke TKB12-280 Spreader meets the heavy demands for accuracy and homogenous delivery of spreading materials, which is the result from a wish to constantly decrease salt consumptions, partly in order to reduce operating expenses and partly to minimize the adverse effects to the environment that we are handing over to future generations.
The Epoke TKB12-280 has been constructed so that the adjusted quantity per m² remains constant, even if the speed is changed. The spreader capacity is only limited by the load capacity of the towing vehicle, and therefore, the spreader affords a significant action radius. The Epoke TKB12-280 12 E is most commonly used on small roads, covering one lane on the way out and the other lane on the way back.
• Capacity of 1200 litres (1.57 cubic yards)
• Spread Width of 110 inches (2.8 metre)
• Electric clutch engagement or manual on spreader
• Available with an Empty Sensor to signal the operator that capacity is low for spread material
• The Epoke TKB12-280 features guide chains causing the spreader to “act” like a trailer, not as part of the truck itself. This ensures better stability in reverse as well as for operation on curvy roads


Download the Epoke TKB12-280 Spreader Brochure Here.

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