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Epoke EpoSat

The Epoke EpoSat is the system from Epoke for fully automatic control of spreading by means of GPS. With the EpoSat, spreading is carried out by the spreader computer without driver operation. Thus the driver may concentrate on driving the vehicle and on operating the snow plow, when required. As a result, increased traffic safety, optimal spreading and improved level of service for the road-users are achieved.
Start/stop of spreading, adjustment of the spreading width, spreading quantity and the spreading symmetry is automatically performed by the intelligent software, which is based on the spreading route as well as the GPS position.
• The EpoSat system compensates for the changing driving speeds and thereby it ensures adjustment of the spreading settings with a precision of +/- 5 m, irrespective of a driving speed of 25 or 50 km/h
• The driver may switch to manual spreading mode at any given time, if required
• Increased traffic safety
• Always optimal and uniform winter road maintenance
• Reduced salt consumption, reduced costs and reduced environmental damage


Download the Epoke EpoSat Brochure Here.

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