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Epoke EpoMini 20 Spreader

The Epoke EpoMini 20 Spreader has a wide range of applications, for instance on cycle-ways, on footpaths, on squares in housing estates, around schools, supermarkets, factories, etc. The EpoMini 20 is equipped with the Epoke metering system consisting of an agitator, a delivery roller and a spring loaded rubber base which ensures an accurate and homogeneous distribution along the full width of the spreader. Therefore, spreading with the Epoke EpoMini 20 is not only money-saving but the environmental damage is reduced so much that the negative contamination effect, which is the consequence of other methods, is turned into a positive fertilizing effect.
• Capacity 200 litres (7.1 cubic feet)
• Spreading Width is 800mm (31.5 in)
• Linear Working Range (Salt) at typical application rates 15 km (9.3 miles)
• The wide variety of applications makes the EpoMini 20 Spreader an effective and cost efficient addition to any winter maintenance team
• The spread rate is easily adjusted by changing the tension on the spring base via a lever on the side of the spreader


Download the Epoke Towed Spreader Brochure Here.

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