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Epoke City Sprayer

The manoeuvrable Epoke City Sprayer handles quick and efficient spreading of salt solutions on bike paths, footpaths, pedestrian streets and town squares. The uncomplicated construction of Epoke City Sprayer enables easy operation and service, as all mechanical parts are placed in the machine house on the spreader rear. The spreader is hydraulic and powered by connection to the vehicle hydraulic system.
The heavy daily wear has been taken into account in the design of the Epoke City Sprayer; with the protected placement of the spreading boom, the sturdy mechanics featuring accurate dosing, and last but not least easy operation from the driver’s seat.
• EpoSat remote control
• 1500 litre (400 gallon) liquid tank
• 1.4 meter (55") spreading boom
• Two side nozzles, each with a 1.0 meter (39") spray width
• Drawbar with 50mm (2") ball coupling


Download the Epoke City Sprayer Brochure Here.

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