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Vanguard System

The Vanguard System helps protect sanitary sewer workers from contacting raw wastewater by cleaning vacuum hoses and related equipment at the job site.  This economical and easy-to-use system applies an anti-viral, anti-bacterial agent that reduces raw sewage contaminants by up to 98% from the equipment most often handled by workers.

  • Independent lab studies shows the system removes up to 98% percent of harmful contaminants from raw sewage, potentially reducing employee sick time and limiting liability
  • Operating costs average just a few dollars per day
  • With the click of a button, sanitary workers clean hoses, tools, and other equipment
  • The modular design means the Vanguard system can be installed on any make and model of Combination, Jet or CCTV truck in around two hours or less
  • In minutes, the system can be converted from cleaning vacuum hoses in the manhole to sanitizing tools, vehicles, clothing – even large SSO spills

Vanguard System

Download the Vanguard Brochure here.

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