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2100 Series PD

The Vactor 2100 Series PD combines power and reliability with customer configurable design that handles any cleaning application with speed and thoroughness. The powerful synergy of Vactor's unique telescoping rotating hose reel and telescoping boom create the most efficient work system in the industry. The Vactor 2100 Series offer Vactor's system of integrated components.
The single piston Vactor pump delivers the cleaning power and efficiency where it counts, at the nozzle, because it's the only pump specially designed for cleaning sewer lines. Vactor's unique Modul-Flex system includes a powerful direct drive rotary lobe blower, the exclusive jet rodder water pump, a telescoping, rotating reel & hydraulic boom, and options such as the Multi-Flow water system.
• The Vactor 2100 Series PD has a Jack Hammer action which drives the nozzle through obstructions and scours pipes clean
• The High-Performance Nozzle converts waterflow and pressure into thrust 22% more efficiently than ordinary nozzles
• Front mounted hose reel provides the operator with a safe and efficient workstation



Download the Vactor 2100 Series PD Brochure Here.

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