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Model 100

Lightweight Spartan drain machine easily clears hair, soap, lint or grease from smaller lines and allows 90 degree adjustment in work angle. The 100 model is available with a 1/2", 13/32" and a 5/16" drum.

  • Lightweight drain snake power for 1-1/4" - 4" lines up to 100'
  • Allows 90 degree adjustment in work angle
  • Permanent Magnet 1/12 HP gear-reduced quiet motor with watertight switch makes Spartan's drain machines the quietest in the industry
  • Optional patented Dial-A-Cable power feed allows for quick cable changes and feeds cable in and out automatically
  • Quick interchangeable drums capability
  • Direct drive with cable-saving slip clutch
  • Independent rotating inner drum prevents cable kinking and buckling yet allows quick torque build-up
  • Air-operated foot switch
  • 25' power cord with ground fault interrupter
100 Drum   100 Drum

Download the Spartan Model 100 Drain Cleaning Machine Brochure Here.

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