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Hook Hoists
Galbreath hook hoists offer greater versatility and maneuverability than traditional roll-off cable hoists.  Hook hoists improve operator safety by allowing for easier in-cab hoist operation. Furthermore, exceptionally fast cycle times and up to a 62 degree dump angle, for clean discharge, make Galbreath hook hoists a good choice for hauling shorter containers. 

Single Pivot Hook Hoist Series
Galbreath Hook Hoist single pivot 

Galbreath single pivot hook hoists features a universal fit for nearly any chassis. The simple design of the single pivot hook hoist means fewer moving parts and less maintenance. Maximum hook height is 54”.

Double Pivot Hook Hoist Series
 Galbreath double pivot hook hoist

Galbreath double pivot hook hoists are designed for higher hauling capacities than single pivot hook models. They allow the container to be locked during the dump cycle. Maximum hook height of 61-3/4".