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Trackless Spraying System

A dust control trackless Spraying System is recommended for use with sweepers. It consists of a rear-mounted 80 US gallon tank with 12 V pump, relief valve and hoses. All MT's have electric wiring, hose and switch installed. A front spray bar kit must be ordered separately for each type of sweeper.
• A variety of different spray bars are also available for spraying salt brine, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, etc.
• A 14 foot wide boom is available, which mounts on the rear of the water tank frame
• When spraying a lawn, marking your way is easily achieved by simply cutting the grass at the same time
• The boom has a breakaway system for forward and reverse
• The system includes an adjustable relief valve and gauge for adjusting spray pressure, a pressure filter and plastic no-drip nozzles with internal poppet valves



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