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Trackless Leaf Loader

The Trackless Leaf Loader is the most advanced and efficient leaf loading machine on the market today. Leaves are picked up at curbside, mulched with 144 knives and blown into a truck. By mulching the leaves prior to loading into the trucks you get heavier loads and fewer trips, which saves time and money.
• The Trackless Leaf Loader is able to load up to four trucks per hour and 100,000 pounds per day
• The operator simply stays in the cab while the Trackless Leaf Loader does all the work
• Rain, snow or cold weather does not affect the operator’s work or the Leaf Loader’s ability to pick up the leaves even if they are stuck or frozen to the asphalt
• Using the Trackless Leaf Loader dramatically increases productivity compared to traditional methods of picking up leaves
• Mulch can be sold or offered free of charge to landscapers and the general public


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