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Trackless Power Angling Sweeper

The Trackless Power Angling Sweeper may be utilized to perform a wide variety of tasks every month of the year. In addition to snow removal, sand, gravel or debris can be swept from sidewalks, parking lots, cul de sacs, intersections and other confined areas. Dethatching large lawns and playing fields is another ideal application for the angle sweeper.
• The high output hydraulic system of the MT6 powers the broom, and a scissor frame automatically centers the sweeping pattern in front of the MT as it is angled
• The 60 inch angle sweeper is ideal for sidewalks as the sweeping pattern is 48 inch to 50 inch when angled
• There are also 72 inch, 84 inch and 96 inch models available for parking lots, etc
• For customers who require a very narrow sweeper due to a narrow bridge, for example, 36 inch or 48 inch sweepers can be made to order
• The Trackless Power Angling Sweeper has a broom diameter of 32", broom width of 60", with an overall width of 66"


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