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A group of industrial cleaning contractors formed Guzzler Manufacturing in 1980. Each truck that was designed and built reflected years of hands-on experience, and the founders pledged to make the specific needs of contractors the driving force behind all product development. Today Guzzler is the world's leader in industrial vacuum loaders that efficiently clean up industrial waste or recover and recycle valuable raw materials, and the philosophy remains the same - to serve the needs of industrial contractors and the plants they serve.

Designed to vacuum a full spectrum of materials - from solids and dry bulk powders, to liquids, slurries, and thick sludge - the Guzzler line represents leading technology for today's environmental protection. Guzzler products are ideal for removing accumulations from remote or inaccessible areas and have the widest range of offloading options available. These vacuum loaders have a proven record of superior performance in a variety of industries including cement plants, steel mills, railroads, oil refineries, chemical plants, foundries and power-generating stations.