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JJE De-OX Water vs. Hot Water

Rarely do hockey players and ice makers agree, however when it comes to ice they have one thing in common, they are both looking for optimum ice quality. This is not always easy to achieve for reasons often beyond the control of the operator, such as sudden changes in ambient conditions, a mechanical failure or building usage.

Historically, the majority of arenas have used domestic, well, reverse osmosis, or de-ionized water to make and maintain ice. In many facilities this has met with some success, however it generally results in a sub quality sheet of ice that costs facilities more in maintenance and refrigeration. Not removing the trapped gases in your ice will not only cause the gases to migrate upwards, but the gas will concentrate at the ice surface and hinder the freezing process. This will result in a snowy, shaly and slow ice. The negative effect is not only on the ice surface but compounded further with each additional flood on your refrigeration plant.

The De-OX process is the most environmentally friendly method of de-gassing your ice making water. There are absolutely no chemicals and the end product is a dense, fast, clear sheet of ice. De-OX is safe enough for all Municipal, Private and Professional facilities. Remember building and resurfacing with hot water will soften the ice surface enabling skaters to cut deeper into the ice and creating snow accumulations, but more importantly the end result costs facilities more in energy.

Benefits of using the De-OX system over hot water
• Lower refrigeration costs due to the higher freezing point
• Improved molecule bond results in harder, faster ice, clearer ice
• Reduced snow accumulations due to quicker freeze
• Reduced ice maintenance due to reduction in water use
• Floods set up faster resulting in less compressor run hours
• Less flood water and lower flood water temperature required

Hockey players, figure and speed skaters, and more importantly ice makers, will agree that for superior ice quality, De-OX water is the clear choice.