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JJE De-OX Energy Report

The JJE De-OX Ice Making System is designed not only for the greatest reliability and safety, but also with environmental concerns as a high priority. The De-OX System will enable you to easily create a green facility and reduce your emissions of carbon dioxide while reducing your facilities carbon footprint. The system allows facility operators to build ice faster and at higher surface temperatures, producing a stronger bond than any other ice making technology while reducing snow development and brittleness caused by ice dehydration.

With a projected savings of over $15,000 per year, the De-OX System has a payback of less than 2 years. Included in this figure are savings from natural gas, electricity and water sources combined. Fewer ice maintenance hours and preventive maintenance savings from less wear and tear on the refrigeration plant and water pipes were not calculated into this payback figure.

Our innovative design will respond to the contemporary challenges of ice maintenance. Our energy savings methods will also help in today’s increased program demands; longer ice making seasons and rising energy costs.