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Benefits of using the JJE De-OX System

All users can benefit from this new ice making technology. Hockey players, figure skaters, speed skaters, arena operators, facility owners, managers and the general public all want ice that is safer, harder, faster, and clearer. The De-OX System has demonstrated to produce higher quality ice, use less heated water and use less energy to manufacture. It has proven to reduce level of injuries to workers that maintain the ice surface, along with fewer potential injuries to users of the ice skating rinks.

Clear Ice
• By removing the dissolved oxygen, the De-OX water creates a denser, harder, clearer sheet of ice. Aesthetically, there will be an improvement in the ice clarity so that lines and logos appear sharper and crisper.

Resilient Ice
• The ice is more resistant to chipping, gouging and snow build-up, whether it is used for hockey, figure skating or recreational skating.

Energy Efficient Ice
• The entire ice thickness can be reduced by ½ to 1 inch. The less ice needed to be installed during a season will result in a significant reduction in overall water consumption.

• Using De-OX water for ice making prevents a build-up of trapped gases at the surface during the freezing process. As the surface freezes last, De-OX water requires less energy to freeze. Because of this, the plant can now operate 2 to 3 degrees warmer than it did when regular ice making water was used. For each degree raised in ice temperature there is an estimated saving in refrigeration costs of about 8%. Even the temperature of the Ice Resurfacer water has been reduced from 160 degrees to 70 degrees, further reducing energy costs.

• De-OX treated water has a lower viscosity and will flow better over the entire ice surface at lower temperatures. By maintaining your ice with De-OX treated water, a facility can save on ice maintenance, labour, refrigeration heat loads, hot water usage and mechanical depreciation.

Superior Ice
• The most important aspect of the system is the superior quality of the ice surface. The ice is denser, faster, and clearer than ice made with any other ice making water. The De-OX system helps ensure a high quality ice regardless of extreme changes in outside temperature, which tend to affect other ice rinks.

Dissolved Oxygen in Boilers
• Corrosion is a chemical process that occurs when metals like iron are oxidized to form compounds like the iron oxides in rust.  The dissolved oxygen in boilers will quickly eat away at the metal in the boiler walls - using De-OX water before it enters the boiler will help eliminate the rate of corrosion.

Our innovative design will respond to the contemporary challenges of ice maintenance. Our energy savings methods will also help in today’s increased program demands; longer ice making seasons and rising energy costs.