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JJE De-OX Ice Making System

The De-OX Ice Making System is a state-of-the-art technology designed to achieve maximum efficiency. The system is based on the water passing through a portable patented twin membrane vacuum system where all the oxygen is removed from the water before filling the Ice Resurfacer or being applied to the ice. It is a complete water treatment system for all artificial ice rinks and is both economical and ecological, all without the need of chemicals. It produces ice which is harder, faster and more durable, while substantially reducing facilities energy costs.

The system is designed not only for the greatest reliability and safety, but also with
environmental concerns as a high priority. The De-OX System will enable you to easily create a green facility and reduce your emissions of carbon dioxide while reducing your facilities carbon footprint. The system allows facility operators to build ice faster and at higher surface temperatures, producing a stronger bond than any other ice making technology while reducing snow development and brittleness caused by ice dehydration.

• De-OX treated water removes the insulator factor from your ice that causes ice dehydration
• The De-OX System makes i
t possible to raise the ice temperature 2-3°F while maintaining a high quality sheet of ice
• The De-OX water produces an ice that is denser, more resilient to cuts and ruts and produces less snow development, all while lowering your energy consumption
• As oxygen is completely removed from the water, the ice will not only freeze faster but will also show all painted lines and logos in the ice with greater clarity
• By maintaining your ice with the De-OX S
ystem, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you will benefit from decreased labour and refrigeration costs

Download the JJE De-OX Ice Making Brochure Here.

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