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Engo Ice Resurfacers

Engo moved into the North American Market as a result of the demand for a stronger, safer, more dependable electric Ice Resurfacer.  Engo has taken many strides forward in the industry by equaling fossil-fuel machines in performance, reducing facilities’ overall operational expenses, while also producing a pollution-free and safe environment.

Engo Ice Resurfacers have:

•  Been on the market for over thirty years
•  Many advanced technical solutions like the patented and safe “Rapid Blade Change System” and the High Pressure Auger, Tire, & Ice Wash System
•  A set-up that enables the perimeter of the rink edge to be perfected thanks to the closer blade cut
•  An edger attachment that allows comfortable ease of use directly from the driver’s seat for safety and double productivity
•  User-friendly controls that are conveniently located within easy reach, allowing the operator to make precise blade and water flow adjustments
•  2 electric models available; the 170SX and 200RW


"The 2012 MasterCard Memorial Cup held in Shawinigan was a huge success across the board. Part of this success is attributable to Joe Johnson Equipment and their Electric Engo Ice Resurfacers. These powerful Electric Ice Resurfacers worked brilliantly through the duration of the event.

The superior technology of these Ice Resurfacers has been instrumental in resurfacing/rebuilding the ice by the precise control of the amount of water deployed and the blade depth adjustments through a touch screen. Also the quick blade change system does not require any bolts to fasten making it safe for all to use. In fact all these state of the art functions had definitely given the operators a sense of trust and security with the precision required to complete this event."

Daniel Milot, General Manager, 2012 Mastercard Memorial Cup

“Our Zamboni no longer reflected the exigencies of the Municipality.  Our carbon monoxide detectors were triggered whenever our employees used the Ice Resurfacer.  We are adopting an Engo Ice Resurfacer, this European technology is several years more advanced than any other North American company in this field.  With the Zamboni, propane bills totaled more than $5000 per year, while a charge of battery power will cost about $2.50 per day.  It will save at least $10,000 per year!”

Sylvain Perreault, Superintendent of Infrastructure, City of Cowansville

 JJE_Engo_230RT  JJE_170SX_ Continental JJE_Engo_270SX (1) Engo 200RW (tn)

Download the Engo Ice Resurfacer Brochure Here.

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