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SYS.322.1 - 5” Rear View System

Zone Defense’s well-known quality started in the “SYS” series of monitors. With 5”, 7”, and Quad models available, these rubberized, heavy-duty monitors have been the staple workhorse for Zone Defense for many years.  Along with various mounts and cameras to go with them, these monitors are versatile enough for many applications.

  • Engineered to handle the toughest environments while still providing the highest quality sound and image available
  • Commercial grade housing equipped with back-lighted buttons
  • The 3-camera inputs can be trigger activated for use with reverse, right and left side cameras
  • 10v-32v power range, 65’ heavy duty camera cable
  • Infrared wide-angle camera (18 Infrared emitters), built-in mic
  • Contrast 500:1
  • Brightness 200cd/m2
  • Viewing Angle U:50/ D:70, R/L: 70
  • All Zone Defense components are interchangeable


Download the SYS.322.1 - 5” Rear View System Brochure Here.

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