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Envirosight SuperVision

The Envirosight SuperVision sets a new standard for video inspection crawlers, integrating a host of innovations such as PipeBus, a communications protocol that allows for lighter cable and longer runs, as well as a zoom camera option, onboard diagnostics and the most sophisticated control console ever designed for a crawler. Like Envirosight's Rovver crawler, SuperVision boasts a modular design that lets you swap out camera heads, auxiliary lamps and wheels to meet the demands of the inspection at hand. With a choice of cable reels, control units and pendants, you can build the system that best suits your working style.
• Kevlar-reinforced cable weighs 80% less than others types, allowing SuperVision to travel much further into a pipe
• Zoom camera head with high-powered lamp array further extends effective inspection distance
• The Envirosight SuperVision has an onboard intelligence speeds diagnosis and supports virtually any combination of auxiliary sensors and end effectors
• Fully automatic reel pays out and retracts cable, preventing crawler tangles and jams
• Adjustable-height camera (SV250) rises above debris and water, centering view in pipe



Download the Envirosight SuperVision Brochure Here.

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