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Envirosight Rovver 125

The Envirosight Rovver 125 is the most portable and versatile sewer inspection crawler on the market today. It is ideally suited for many applications due to its modular design and its ability to inspect inside pipes with diameters ranging from 6 to 36 inches. It is the smallest crawler in its class, thereby giving it the ability to pass through restricted pipe, large offsets, and protruding pipe taps. The Envirosight Rovver's remote pendant gives you the ability to control focus, lighting, zoom, camera orientation, steering and travel direction.
• Modularity allows a single system to view 6" to 36" lines
• The Envirosight Rovver's small profile allows for long runs and panning/tilting in 6" to 36" pipe
• Handheld pendant for control of lighting, focus, speed, pan/tilt, zoom and steering
• Rack-mount control unit integrates into existing vehicle
• Waterproof for damp and submerged areas (crawler/camera rated IP68; reel rated IP63)


Download the Envirosight Rovver 125 Brochure here.

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